marketing buy-inShared vision may be the biggest stumbling block for strategy execution. And even more so for adopting great ideas that can build collective capability.

Recall the times when you learned something intriguing at a conference or workshop, or from a book, white paper or webcast. When you described it to co-workers, did it get lost in translation? Maybe the intriguing idea was shot down because its case study was in a different industry. Perhaps you found resistance because everyone was too busy. Most likely, you were swamped, found it too hard to pursue, and gave up on the idea altogether.

Think about grassroots endeavors, where a few people in your organization passionately pursued something that the rest of the organization didn’t buy into. Surely there were moments of progress, but in the long-run, slow adoption by the rest of Marketing put a damper on success.

What’s the secret to accelerating buy-in across Marketing? Making it possible for people to gain a personal conviction of an intriguing idea within a shear moment. The ClearAction Value Exchange does this.

By presenting a nugget of the intriguing idea, with an immediate opportunity to apply it to one’s own situation, the meaningfulness of the idea shines forth. The whole idea can be understood, with a mini plan for on-the-spot piloting, within 30 minutes. Personal conviction of the idea’s veracity can be confirmed in a fraction of that time.

This is a breakthrough of gigantic proportions, especially when it comes to ideas such as how to be more accountable, better aligned with stakeholders, and contribute to the organization’s agility. With the ClearAction Value Exchange, you’ll get the tools to connect all the moving parts of your Marketing organization.