Business-to-business customer experience management

What's unique about business-to-business customer experience management?

  • The stakes can be quite high, especially when one or both parties is manufacturing or constructing something.
  • In addition to large sums of money in-play, purchases may affect the buying company's reputation, productivity, time-to-market, cycle time, assets usage, opportunity cost, and financial risk, along with individuals' career paths.
  • Through our B2B customer experience benchmarking studies and career backgrounds in complex B2B manufacturing firms, our frameworks address critical B2B needs.

The "multiples" that characterize B2B customer experience (CX) are unique opportunities and keys to B2B CX ROI:

B2B CX ROI Factors

B2B CX Management Reality-Check

Multiple parties within an account influencing buy/rebuy decisions

Voice of the Customer

Have you identified each party's expectations?
Have you identified all parties with power to kill a decision?
Does your customer-listening keep a radar on their sentiment?
Have you quantified the consequences of meeting/missing expectations?
Do you weight and nest their inputs for linkage to bookings?
Do action plans reflect inputs from all influencers?
Why try to tie CX to financials without fully understanding who's driving what?
Let's update your B2B VoC

Extensive interactions for a long time after the initial purchase

b2b customer intelligence

Do you make it easy to capture informal comments?
Do you stream informal feedback to relevant groups?
Do you motivate actions and follow-through on informal inputs?
Do you share actions and progress to proactively influence rebuying?
Why wait to send a survey when you're already getting a goldmine of insights?
Let's update your B2B CX Intelligence

Multiple functional areas interfacing between supplier and customer

Multiple locations accessible simultaneously by an account contact

b2b customer touchpoints

Do you create standards for interactions?
Do you create standards for real-time geographic consistency?
Why work so hard to manage perceptions but ignore these vital touchpoints?
Let's update your B2B CX Touchpoints

b2b customer journey

Alliances may be formed between a couple or few customer companies to share risk, combine resources, or meet a need of their collective customers

Do you have a radar on these influencers' likely next steps?
Are you monitoring alliances' impact on other accounts?
Are you enabling your company to be agile in preparing for or responding to rapid market changes?
Why leave an important predictor of success out of your CX ROI equation?
Let's update your B2B CX Agility

B-to-B CX Practices Study

customer experience management report
ClearAction founded the first global study of business-to-business customer experience management practices.


B-to-B CX Resources

B2B Customer Management

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B2B Customer Experience Resources


Let's apply B2B CX best-practices:

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Customer experience ROI expertise

CX ROI Building-Blocks

Nature's flow of CX steps to earn ROI


We have been in your shoes as customer experience practitioners and we know what it takes to develop successful customer-centered culture.

ClearAction is a leading expert in customer experience and customer relationships. I value ClearAction’s views on the role marketing needs to take on in managing the customer experience.
C. Crandell, CMO, Ariba