Leading Customer Experience Super Bowl

At Super Bowl LVII stadium 2023

Leading customer experience as a team sport is essential because every player in your enterprise helps or hinders customer experience performance. In competitions like the Super Bowl and World Cup, every player knows how they contribute to winning. Even the entertainment and end-to-end fan experience are highly coordinated orchestrations. In businesses, governments, and nonprofits, “winning” is a matter of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This is how both luxury and discount brands can have raving fans.

Leading customer experience excellence means driving a 1-to-1 ratio between what’s expected versus what’s experienced. It’s about preventing issues for customers across their entire journey with your organization. Setting realistic expectations and consistently meeting them streamlines costs. The closer you get to this ratio, the more magnetic your brand becomes for customers, employees, and investors.

Ironically, this simple truth is not top of mind for most leaders in business. It is a lost art that customer experience managers need to thrive.

Experience Leadership MasteryGood news! Automatic Experience Excellence is a new course created by Lynn Hunsaker at ClearAction Continuum. This self-paced course is for anyone who wants to learn the best way to lead customer experience, employee experience, or partner experience (XM = experience management) for strategic impact.

Strategic impact means you’re creating competitive advantages for your enterprise. It’s indisputable, enduring value. It makes your experience management team indispensable. This course is an actionable overview for making CX excellence a team sport company-wide.

This course is similar to ClearAction’s CCXP Exam Course, but simpler for every manager. Automatic Experience Excellence has a true-false quiz for each module, whereas the CCXP Exam Course has 275 multiple choice questions and module-specific workbooks with Topic Exploration, Application, and Mastery exercises.

Leading customer experience for almost-automatic CX excellence is the aim of all resources at ClearAction Continuum. Almost-automatic CX excellence means preventing issues for customers consistently. It can become automatic only when everyone across your enterprise ecosystem is tuned-in to their ripple-effect on customers. Your ecosystem spans customer-facing and non-customer-facing groups, along with channel partners, agencies and suppliers, and affiliates of all kinds. It may be almost automatic when the 1-to-1 ratio is top of mind, assisted by checks and balances for special circumstances in the daily flow of customer situations.

This 4-hour course is concise, yet information-packed. This is accomplished through a combination of visual aids, audio narration, and separate case studies as short podcasts and articles that illustrate key points. This makes it easier for your department to use this resource in extended staff meetings, lunch-and-learn sessions, and other creative opportunities for discussion.

  • XM Team Sport Essentials: 29 minutes
  • XM Metrics & Analytics: 33 minutes
  • XM Improvement & Design: 37 minutes
  • Culture & Accountability: 38 minutes
  • VoX & Intelligence: 64 minutes
  • XM Team Sport Strategy: 51 minutes

Experience Leadership MasteryLeading Experience Management as a Team Sport is a theme you’ll find throughout ClearAction’s resources for executives: C-Suite Guide to XM Growth, CX+EX+PX Strategy Masterminds Symposiums, and Experience Leadership for CX+EX+PX Experts & Executives. This theme is supported by resources such as Customer-Focused Communication, Journey Mapping Facilitation Skills, and CX Maturity Roadmap & Playbooks. It’s the central theme for ClearAction’s learning community for Marketing, Partner Experience (PX), Employee Experience (EX), Customer Success & Service (CS), and Customer Experience (CX) teams: the Experience Value Exchange. In this skill-building community, 6 Ease of Work and Ease of Business competencies transform these departments’ insights-collecting strengths into powerhouses for influencing almost-automatic experience excellence.

Being an employee, partner, or customer these days could be a lot nicer and easier. Tremendous savings in time, energy, worry, and churn can be achieved by making CX, EX and PX a team sport. When these pebbles are freed from the shoes of customers, employees, and partners, they are freer to be more productive. Let’s join forces in the team sport spirit to make almost-automatic experience excellence a reality.

Automatic Experience Excellence introduces the concept of customer experience, but it is at an enriched level. As an excellent introduction to What is Customer Experience?, we recommend this 35-minute video by Chantel Botha from BrandLove: