What is a Customer Experience Roadmap? A customer experience roadmap is a timeline that sets milestones for increased levels of customer experience maturity.

  1. Mobilize CX management: engage contributors of customer experience issues in resolving these issues.
  2. Operationalize CX management: routinize CX efforts with your company’s annual calendar.
  3. Align CX management: align customer insights to each issue contributor, in turn, they align their work to customer insights.
  4. Embed CX management: weave-in CX criteria to reviews, approvals, agendas, development, advancement, rewards, and so on.

For best results, put the basics all CXM building blocks in place within this next year and move to higher sophistication yearly.

CXM building blocks: VoC → customer intelligence → customer lifetime value → customer-centered corporate strategy → customer-centered culture → CX improvement → CX design and innovation → customer engagement → CX metrics.

Ideally, you will be embedding, aligning, and operationalizing from the start of your customer experience management efforts, with the basics first, graduating to more sophistication year by year.

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What You Can Do to Master Experience Leadership

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