Get CX buy-inHow to get CX buy-in? Getting buy-in to any CX effort or purchase is all about MONEY. It’s executives’ job to ensure money outflows maximize money inflows.

So, show relative size. Relative means you’re comparing it versus normal or versus the big picture. Size means percentage of normal or of the big picture. Show relative size as small vs. medium vs. large circles. Or show it by bars.

A particularly effective format is bars above and below a line. The line represents normal or last period or industry performance, etc. Percent is quantity of comments or ratings or returns or hours or any behaviors of customers or those serving customers. Money is any cost or revenue. Partial is fine. Always include a footnote showing source and scope of your data.

When executives see how big the bars are below and above the line, your point becomes crystal clear. If they do nothing, this is the size of your business that may be affected.

For CX buy-in, your goal is to inspire them to exclaim: “That can’t stand!” When they feel this, it means you’re getting their buy-in: commitment to make change happen.


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